K J George


As a first step we decided to provide services to the people who were undergoing dialysis. We started Sarvagnanagar Dialysis Centre at Kadugonadanahalli, Bengaluru. In this unit we are providing free services to members of whose families are below the poverty line. This has been our dream project, we always wanted to help people live longer and healthier by reducing the cost of care and by reducing financial burden of the family.

We would further like to expand our activities by providing out patient care, setting up quality low cost pharmacy and laboratory which we believe would be easily accessible and affordable by the community. We like to support people who have chronic diseases, who cannot afford to buy medicines regularly by providing free medicine/s to reduce complications and improve quality of life. We will soon start community based activities to better understand the issues, so that it can be effectively addressed.

I am pleased and excited about our recent accomplishments & looking forward to achieve our set goals and objectives. We are proud of our professional and administrative staff who enable us to implement our activities. We would like to thank our donors and everyone who made this mission a success. We hope you continue to appreciate and support our work.